DSR Natural Tex Pvt Ltd is an Integrated Natural Textile Company, a green initiative, which is a first of its kind dealing with all aspects of natural dyes in a value chain mode starting from cultivation to consumer producing natural dyed and printed textiles in yarn and fabric form; convert fabrics into Garments, Made-ups, Furnishing and Textile accessories etc. Natural dye based eco-colours for Holi and eco-paints for idol painting are developed on commercial basis to safeguard human health and the water bodies wherein the idols are immersed. This green initiative is based on zero discharge through utilisation of bio-waste and treating effluents.

Celebrate Chemical free Holi

Chemical colours are popular because they are conveniently available and cost less than natural colours. However, manufacturers mix harmful chemicals in colours, putting the consumers' health at risk. Celebrate a happy and safe holi this year with Eco-Gulals.

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  • Untapped natural dyes

    Distinctive advantage of producing natural dyes from the existing untapped natural resources in the country.

  • Fabric manufacturing

    Cotton and silk fabrics with varied GSM are woven and knitted using the dyed yarn to produce fabrics for apparel and home textiles.

  • Eco-paints for idol painting

    To revive and promote environment friendly cultural activities and to save the aquatic life, natural dye paints are developed for idols meant for immersion in water

  • Natural dye plants cultivation

    Utilization of waste lands to provide advantage to farmers through cultivation of natural dye bearing plants

  • Fabric printing

    Fabrics of different counts and all fibre types and their blends/union fabrics are printed with natural dye extracts

  • Bio-waste utilization

    Bio waste resulting from extraction of natural source is used for making bio fertilizer or made into briquettes using bark and wood sources.

  • Yarn Dyeing (Silk/Cotton)

    Cotton and silk yarns of different counts and denier are dyed using colours from natural sources into different shades.

  • Eco-gulals

    To save the humans and environment from pollution with synthetic colours eco- gulals are developed for playing safe Holi.

  • Pollution free discharge

    Since toxic chemicals are not used, the mordants used are easily removed through establishing simple ETPs.


Dr. Anne Sarada Devi

Mrs. Dornala Karunasri

Mr. Dornala Seshagiri